EN ROOT. A food truck serving 100% vegan, Indian fusion cuisine.

With a focus on health & well-being, EN ROOT celebrates fresh vegetables, wholesome lentils and home Gujarati spices to deliver a unique, internationally influenced menu. 

Clean eating is key and thus no refined sugar, preservatives, additives or MSG is used in our product processing. Finally, all our packaging is biodegradable or recyclable.


STONED BAKKED PIZZA IS TH BEST IN THE BUSINESS. a small business who always serve THIER PIZZA with a smile on THEIR faceS.   


Naughty Avocado is London’s first all things avocado dedicated food spot – focussed on vibrant avocado toast and salad concoctions from their base in Old Street Station.  Naughty Avocado will be serving up the freshest smashed avocado on sourdough toast with an array of tasty toppings.


YakiMaki serves spicy Sushi Burritos with a unique & exciting twist. An amazing blend of Japanese, Mexican and Brazilian concept of sushi, with a mix of natural spices from different parts of the world. The freshly made Maki and Temaki rolls feature exclusively developed flavour combinations which are served to eat here or enjoy on the go.


Fresh handmade Chinese streetfood inspired by dishes all over China


Paella & Tapas


Frieda’s Frozen Yogurt (Frieda's) is a local South London business selling fabulous soft serve frozen yogurt from a vintage Citroen H Van called the Dairy Godmother at street markets, festivals and food fairs. Frieda's is all about healthy eating and fun. We sell soft serve frozen yogurt from a 1966 vintage Citroen H Van called the Dairy Godmother.

100% fat free. For those counting calories, a 100ml serving of naked Frieda’s frozen yogurt is only 79 kcal. SERVED naked or with toppings, SUCH AS fresh strawberries, kiwi, raspberries or pineapple. Of course the odd naughty choice like Oreos dripping with a dark chocolate sauce will be available to tempt you.


A husband and wife team of Jamaican heritage and offer delicious, Caribbean inspired food. Carriburton pride themselves on delivering a professional and prompt service from beginning to end.


Healthy international soups and broths using local, free-range & organic produce.


The Butcher & Grill combines a modern style butcher shop and deli with an informal bar and grill restaurant. Founded in 2006 by a farmer, restaurateur and butcher, it is firmly ensconced in the Battersea community as a champion of artisan products and English cooking, taking great pride in the sourcing of it's products and serving the community. A stones throw from Battersea park it is a family and dog friendly establishment.


Harissa & Lemon serve contemporary Moroccan street food. For H&L modern street food is about combining the traditional with the contemporary.
H&L are city-folk and soak up everything their surroundings throw at them. Their inspiration comes from the people they meet, the food they eat, the sights they see and the music they hear. Harissa & Lemon represents the juncture of all these experiences.
Expect exciting dishes full of flavour made from the best and freshest ingredients.


The Rich Coffee Company is a bespoke-roasted fair trade specialty coffee which will also be available to purchase . They will also be showcasing homemade cold brew coffee and a range of awesome single origin hot chocolates.


Guasacaca was born in 2012 out of David Gutiérrez’s dream of conquering the London food scene with Venezuela’s quintessential dish: the arepa. Arepa is, without dispute, Venezuela’s most traditional dish. Its origins date back to pre-Columbian times, when the “Caribs,” a native Indian tribe from the northern section of Venezuela, prepared a dough made with granulated maize, called erepa, which they then baked into thin round shaped “breads.” Many written accounts from Spanish conquistadors during the XVI century, describe the erepa as a food prepared by diverse tribes across what we today recognise as Venezuela and Colombia.

Guasacaca / ,gwæ.sæ’ka.ka/ is the Venezuelan name for avocado sauce. The traditional sauce blends avocado with a number of fresh herbs and vegetables. It is the perfect complement for arepas and stews; the final touch that makes Venezuelan arepas, and other traditional Venezuelan dishes, perfectly balanced and tasty.